The Salutation of the Sun - yoga morning practice will take place every morning on the Town Hall Square (Lithuanian: Rotušės aikštė) from 17th till 21st of June. Everyone is kindly invited to join.


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The Salutation of the Sun (sanskr. sūrya namaskāra) is the morning practice done to glory the rising Sun and everything represented by the Sun on micro and macro levels of space. The Salutation of the Sun consists of three elements - form, energy and rhythm. Rhythmic movement is combined with breathing when asanas are done. Forward and backward bends stretch and enliven a backbone thus giving deep distention to a whole body. Mantras used in the Salutation of the Sun practice awaken the creativity and uplift for activity.

Constant and permanent practice of the Salutation of the Sun leads to a better physical well-being, spiritual uplift, helps to listen to inner self and surrounding environment in order to live in harmony with the Nature and everything we meet in life.


The "Art of Living" Foundation. The Salutation of the Sun. Video >>

Mai Ram Yoga Ashram Vilnius. The Salutation of the Sun Video >>

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